“Unleashing the Rebelling Spirit: Miley Cyrus Puffs Away Cigarette and Gives a Middle Finger Pose while on a Studio Break with a Pal”

While Miley Cyrus may receive criticism for various things, taking it easy on federal holidays is not one of them. On Labor Day, the singer was seen heading to the studio looking energetic and ready to work. She carried a stylish Chanel purse and pulled a compact Givenchy travel bag behind her.

Off to work! Miley Cyrus showed off her long legs in denim shorts as she strolled into her Studio City, California studio

Time to clock in! Miley Cyrus flaunted her lengthy pins in a pair of jean shorts while casually walking into her studio located in Studio City, California on Monday.

Who's the friend? Miley steps out for a cigarette break with a male friend while at the studio

Miley Cyrus was spotted taking a quick smoke break at the studio with a male companion. The songstress donned a vibrant and loud jacket that featured a trippy paisley design and hints of bubblegum-pink accents. She paired the statement piece with some denim shorts, which have clearly become a recent go-to for her. To complete her look, Miley opted for some sparkling sandals and kept her signature pixie cut in a natural, combed-over style instead of her recent short pigtails.

Breathe in, breathe out: Miley exhales a lungful of smoke as she hangs out with two friends

Miley takes a deep drag and exhales a cloud of smoke while chilling with her buddies.

Haters gonna hate: Miley does not seem pleased as she flips off her pal

Miley Cyrus appeared to be in a bad mood as she was caught on camera flipping off a male friend outside the studio. However, she later seemed to lighten up as she took a cigarette break with another friend who made her laugh. While standing on the doorstep, Miley playfully showed her middle finger to her male pal, hoping it didn’t come off as too serious.

Flippin' the bird: Miley has not been shy about doing what she wants as of late, and that apparently includes rude gestures

Miley Cyrus has been making headlines lately for her bold and unapologetic behavior, which even includes flipping the bird. This comes after her controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and leading up to the release of her upcoming album, Bangerz, on October 8th. Her latest single, Wrecking Ball, also made waves as it debuted at No. 50 on Billboard’s Hot 100 with impressive sales of 90,000 according to Nielsen Soundscan.

Take a break! Miley, a genuine workaholic, recently told The Mirror that she gets bored on vacations and needs to work

Relax a little! Miley, who is known for her hardworking nature, shared with The Mirror that she finds vacations boring and needs to keep herself busy with work. With her latest ballad receiving radio play, it’s expected that her popularity will soar in the upcoming weeks. However, her hectic work schedule seems to be affecting her personal life. In a recent interview with The Mirror, Miley revealed that she has several issues and feels messed up. She added that everyone makes mistakes when they are in a difficult situation.

Famous derriere: Miley showed off her toned bottom as she bent over to put out her cigarette outside the studio

Miley Cyrus proudly flaunted her well-toned posterior while she bent down to dispose of her cigarette outside the studio. Her famous backside was on full display for all to see.

Strike a pose: Even on a casual day at the studio, Miley couldnt' resist showing off her stunning figure

Strike a pose: Even on a casual day at the studio, Miley couldnt' resist showing off her stunning figure

While spending a low-key day at the studio, Miley couldn’t resist flaunting her gorgeous physique by striking a pose. Despite being known for her love of parties, it seems that her addiction to work may be having the biggest impact on her life. Miley confessed that taking breaks from her busy schedule is not something she’s skilled at, and as a result, she doesn’t lead a typical life. She even shared that some people are impressed with her because she can manage with only 45 minutes of sleep, which has become her norm.

Buzz cut: Miley showed off what looked like newly cut hair, even though she previously insisted she is trying to grow it

Miley Cyrus recently flaunted her fresh buzz cut that appeared to be newly chopped, despite her earlier claims of wanting to grow out her hair.

Deep in conversation: Miley enjoyed a chat with friends as she took a cigarette break during her day at the studio

Miley was engaged in a lively conversation with her buddies while she stepped out for a smoke break from her studio session.

Having fun: Miley also tweeted this artsy photo of her eating a banana with the same friend she gave a middle finger to

Miley Cyrus shared a fun moment on her Twitter account by posting an artsy photo of herself enjoying a banana with a friend. This is the same friend who received a playful middle finger from the singer in a previous post.

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